Deadman Wonderland Season 2



Here we would like to discuss the possibility of Deadman wonderland season 2 release. There are lots of rumors about it and we intend to update you about second season’s release date and its process.  This anime did not sell well in Japan but in the opposite got very popular in North America, manga was on hiatus for a long time. People argue that the ending of the first season is incomplete and indicates on probability of continuation, but as of today none of the studios made announcement that the second season was on their agenda. The point of concern in some anime fans vary but mainly is the fact that the main hero has never got matured and some other questions remained unanswered like what is the trap, who will be new promoter, when will Ganta find out the whole truth, why is she the main one with the virus, who is the mockingbird, will the women unravel the intentions of new wardens, what’s up with the old guy and etc.

There is also an ongoing debate whether Shiro is a Red Man or not. A quick poll was created on wikia web property where more than 17 000 people have voted in favor of deadman wonderland season 2 creation since 2011. The other reason why the anime did not continue was the pregnancy of its main author but to our mind it’s not the issue any more. Also the reason for delay can be that many stories in manga go different than those in the anime mainly in the order of the arcs. When in the end of December 2012 Deadman wonderland manga returned from hiatus some believed that when the final arc was finished the second season was imminent but still those hopes did not come true yet.

The manga TV show had a lot of material and became very popular in the US with one million viewers and extremely successful dvd sales with the help of Toonami fans that ran manga popularization campaign. After that rumors were around that Funimation along with William Street and Cartoon Network were actively discussing the creation of Deadman wonderland season 2.